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With numerous distinct vapor e juice brands, Kilo brings a line-up filled with complex encounters with a variety of vape juice flavors. If you cant find a flavor you like in the Kilo Juice line, you wont find one anywhere! Kilo makes over 45 different E-Liquids, enjoy our lowest cheap price.
Model: z7hu4uz4
Kilo Sour Series (Bazooka Sour Straws) Strawberry Sours 100ml Vape JuiceStrawberry Sours: Classic, glistening red, sweet strawberry is a familiar flavor that is comforting and soothing to the palette, with a twist in this sour candy inspired e-liquid. The enjoyment of the time-honored fruity treat i..
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Model: 803bcnbi
Kilo Sour Series (Bazooka Sour Straws) Strawberry Sours ICE 100ml Vape JuiceStrawberry Sours ICE: A tasty blend of sweet strawberry and sour candy mix. Bursts of strong strawberry flavor and a hint of cooling menthol to balance it out. Strawberry ICE will please your palate on the inhale while notes..
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Model: fream33l
Kilo Sour Series (Bazooka Sour Straws) Watermelon Sours 100ml Vape JuiceWatermelon Sours: Buckle in for a refreshingly cool wave of everlasting sugary watermelon that exquisitely pools on the tongue, leaving your sweet tooth desperately pleading for more, as the sharp contrast of tingling tart straw..
Ex Tax:$12.88
Model: mr7jh72x
Kilo Sour Series (Bazooka Sour Straws) Watermelon Sours ICE 100ml Vape JuiceWatermelon Sours ICE: A noteworthy recreation of Watermelon gummy candies rolled in sweet and sour flavor crystals. If you're a fan of watermelon flavored candies then this is the perfect e-juice for you. A burst of sweet wa..
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Model: x3tevn61
Kilo White Series Cinnamon Roll 100ml Vape JuiceCinnamon Roll: A luxurious flavor of sweet baked dough with cinnamon sprinkle and velvety rich vanilla icing. Spectacular, sweet, and delicious, Kilo White Series Cinnamon Roll is a dessert E-Juice so good, you'll always come back for seconds. Flavor P..
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Model: eoo56vaj
Kilo White Series Ice Cream Sandwich 100ml Vape JuiceIce Cream Sandwich: Rich vanilla bean ice cream wrapped inside a freshly baked, gooey chocolate chip cookie breading. Remarkable and delicious dessert taste for any time of the day. Life is short, vape dessert. Ice Cream Sandwich by Kilo White Ser..
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Model: k9fn5qg2
White Series Marshmallow Crisp e-liquid by Kilo E-Liquids brings the flavor of rice crispy treats cereal dessert bars to a vape experience that’s so sweet and gooey it’s as good as the real thing. Marshmallow Crisp e-liquid would be a decadent addition to your already sweet e-juice collection. Exper..
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Model: d7onh1hc
White Series White Chocolate Strawberry e-liquid by Kilo E-Liquids - The rich, creamy, cocoa butter taste of white chocolate and freshly picked summer strawberries are made into this smooth and seductive e-juice favorite. These flavors perfectly complement each other and their rich deliciousness wil..
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