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With numerous distinct vapor e juice brands, Kilo brings a line-up filled with complex encounters with a variety of vape juice flavors. If you cant find a flavor you like in the Kilo Juice line, you wont find one anywhere! Kilo makes over 45 different E-Liquids, enjoy our lowest cheap price.
Model: los2nvtx
Original Series Fruit Whip E-Liquid by Kilo E-Liquid - A tropical escape has never been so easy with Original Series Fruit Whip e-liquid by Kilo E-Liquid. Find your paradise in this exquisite blend of tart green apples, juicy pears, wild berries and island fruits topped with a colossal dollop of van..
Ex Tax:$8.74
Model: tm1blpuh
Original Series Kiberry Yogurt e-liquid by Kilo E-Liquids is all the wonderful flavors of plain tart yogurt, fresh lemons, ripe strawberries and just a touch of bright kiwi creamed together in this delectable gourmet vape-juice. On the inhale you get to experience creamy fruit flavors scented with a..
Ex Tax:$6.96
Model: rug7ompc
Original Series Tru Blue e-juice by Kilo E-Liquid - I love blueberries because they burst in your mouth with delicate flavor, a distinct, mild sweetness and a hint of irresistible tartness. Tru Blue blueberry custard flavored e-liquid captures the essences of freshly picked wild blueberries mixed wi..
Ex Tax:$6.96
Model: 6m0qigbb
Kilo Sour Series (Bazooka Sour Straws) Blue Raspberry Sours 100ml Vape JuiceBlue Raspberry Sours: Sweet, plump, oozing blue raspberries invigorate the palette with their cool sugary flavor as you inhale, then a sharply contrasting sour straw candy flavoring excites and awakens the taste buds as you ..
Ex Tax:$10.96
Model: dpde46g7
Kilo Sour Series (Bazooka Sour Straws) Blue Raspberry Sours ICE 100ml Vape JuiceBlue Raspberry Sours ICE: Blue raspberry lovers rejoice: a complete flavor of your favorite delicious E-Juice. Tart and tangy, sweet and sour. Each puff is accented with an all-natural menthol flavor. Strap yourself in f..
Ex Tax:$12.88
Model: 97mx801s
Kilo Sour Series (Bazooka Sour Straws) Green Apple Sours 100ml Vape JuiceGreen Apple Sours: Explosively fruity, tart green apple bursting with juicy, mouth-puckering flavor that will leave you reminiscing on old childhood memories and get you feeling like a little kid again, complemented splendidly ..
Ex Tax:$12.64
Model: ehbbiu11
Kilo Sour Series (Bazooka Sour Straws) Green Apple Sours ICE 100ml Vape JuiceGreen Apple Sours ICE: One of the premium sour e-juice flavors on the market, Green Apple ICE from Bazooka Vape is a faithful recreation of one of your favorite childhood candies. Tart Granny Smith apple flavor to make you ..
Ex Tax:$12.88
Model: e529wycd
Kilo Sour Series (Bazooka Sour Straws) Mango Tango Sours 100ml Vape JuiceMango Tango Sours: A sour gummy candy flavored vape juice so delicious it'll make you dance. This delightful combo of juicy mango and sweet tropical fruit flavors combined with sour sugar make this smooth hitting, mouthwatering..
Ex Tax:$12.88
Model: ijhahl25
Kilo Sour Series (Bazooka Sour Straws) Mango Tango Sours ICE 100ml Vape JuiceMango Tango Sours ICE: A classic mango flavor taken to the next level. Juicy mangoes coated with sour sugar with a refreshing menthol blast. A wild and invigorating blend that will have mango lovers over the moon with this ..
Ex Tax:$12.96
Model: uizrey4p
Kilo Sour Series (Bazooka Sour Straws) Pineapple Peach Sours 100ml Vape JuicePineapple Peach Sours: A delightful combo of bright peach and juicy pineapple flavors combined with sour sugar make for a smooth-hitting, mouth-watering experience excellent for enjoying all day long. Pineapple Peach Sours ..
Ex Tax:$12.88
Model: 75kz041z
Kilo Sour Series (Bazooka Sour Straws) Pineapple Peach Sours ICE 100ml Vape JuicePineapple Peach Sours ICE: An exciting burst of tangy pineapple taste rounded out with sweet plump peach flavors to make this E-Juice a delight with every inhale. Pineapple Peach Ice is exciting, it's exhilarating, it's..
Ex Tax:$12.88
Model: msdbxy38
Kilo Sour Series (Bazooka Sour Straws) Rainbow Sours 100ml Vape JuiceRainbow Sours: A sweet and tart sour straws candy vape juice so tasty you will swear you could find a box of gold at the bottom of the bottle. Rainbow sour straws is a fruit medley filled to the brim with all you favorite fruit fla..
Ex Tax:$12.88
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