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With numerous distinct vapor e juice brands, Kilo brings a line-up filled with complex encounters with a variety of vape juice flavors. If you cant find a flavor you like in the Kilo Juice line, you wont find one anywhere! Kilo makes over 45 different E-Liquids, enjoy our lowest cheap price.
Model: 280tboei
Moo Series Blueberry Milk e-juice by Kilo E-Liquids - The flavors of fresh whole milk, wild blueberries and floral vanilla syrup have been married together in this delectable gourmet blueberry milk flavored e-juice. Moo Seris Blueberry milk e-juice delivers big flavor. On first inhale your mouth wil..
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Model: 495vrnlw
Kilo Moo Series Coffee Milk 100ml Vape JuiceCoffee Milk: A mixture of creamy milk, robust coffee beans with vanilla bean. The refreshing blend of freshly brewed Columbian coffee with sweet cream makes for a perfect all-day-vape. Users that enjoy coffee E-Juices will love Coffee Milk from Kilo. Flavo..
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Model: oqpx166j
Kilo E-Liquid Moo Series - Coffee Milk (60ml)You’ll think you’re at your favorite coffee shop when you taste Moo Series Coffee Milk premium e-liquid by Kilo E-liquids. This velvety vape-juice is artfully blended with the essences of steamed sweet-cream and brown sugar simple syrup on the inhale with..
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Model: q8py424y
Moo Series Neapolitan Milk e-juice by Kilo E-Liquids - Are you in the mood for a milkshake? You will be after tasting Moo Series Neapolitan Milk e-liquid. On the inhale you can taste layers of creamy chocolate ice cream with floral notes of fresh vanilla bean. The rich vanilla flavors intensify as y..
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Model: 1p61kdj2
Kilo Moo Series Strawberry Milk 100ml Vape JuiceStrawberry Milk: Delight your taste buds with Strawberry Milk by Kilo Moo.  Rich, cold milk infused with the unforgettable taste of ripe strawberries, complimented with a slight hints of french vanilla bean. Creamy and delicious, thick and sweet. It's ..
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Model: r3osvjam
Kilo E-liquid Moo Series - Strawberry Milk (60ml)Moo Series Strawberry Milk e-liquid by Kilo E-Liquids - This tasty discovery is mixed with fragrant strawberries and fresh whole milk to recreate the experience of drinking an ice cold glass of delicious, strawberry milk. This milk flavored e-juice ma..
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Model: rg50kowj
Kilo Moo Series Vanilla Almond Milk 100ml Vape JuiceVanilla Almond Milk: Warm notes of toasted California almonds combined with vanilla beans and cold milk for an unforgettable E-Liquid flavor. Indulge yourself in this creamy and delicious all-day-vape. If you're a fan of almond milk then you'll lov..
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Model: fpnftozk
Kilo E-liquid Moo Series - Vanilla Almond Milk (60ml)Moo Series Vanilla Almond Milk e-liquid by Kilo E-Liquids - I “heart” this e-juice version of vanilla infused almond milk. This amazing vape-juice is blended with warm notes of toasted California almonds, fresh whole milk and floral vanilla bean e..
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Model: 9v3zsn5f
Kilo Original Series Cereal Milk 100ml EliquidCereal Milk: A nostalgic taste of everyone's favorite fruity loopy cereal. Cereal Milk from Kilo transports taste buds back to childhood to leave you wanting more. Ice cold milk enriched with sweet cereal. Cereal Milk by Kilo. Try our other Kilo E-Liquid..
Ex Tax:$9.96
Model: x2n6mmzl
There’s nothing average about Original Series Cereal Milk 60ml e-liquid by Kilo E-Liquids. This fun take on the average American breakfast in a vape is loaded with the nostalgic tastes of fruity flavored breakfast cereal and fresh whole milk. You’ll fall for every creamy pull of this smooth hitting ..
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Model: 3njg4ohi
Kilo Original Series Dewberry Cream 100ml EliquidDewberry Cream: A delicious blend of fresh honeydew and mixed mountain berries that will leave you craving more, Dewberry Cream from Kilo is uniquely delicious. Fresh strawberries, tart raspberries, and sweet blueberries mix with ripe honeydew and fre..
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Model: dumji9nf
Original Series Dewberry Cream 60ml e-liquid by Kilo E-Liquids - Honeydew melon, wild blueberry, juicy strawberry, red raspberry, rich blackberries and a dash of cream make this melon flavored e-juice reminiscent of a beautiful summer day. Use Dewberry Cream e-liquid to add a splash of flavor to you..
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